The Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre Not-For-Profit Sp. z o.o. is a private not-for-profit company dedicated to providing farm advisory services, fostering rural development and enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit in rural areas by providing formal and non-formal training opportunities in the field of agriculture and food production and processing.


With a strong belief in health being a fundamental right, Prolepsis Institute has undertaken a leading role in the field of public health, by designing and implementing initiatives on various health issues and in different sectors (e.g. education, workplace) targeting a wide range of population groups, such as children and adolescents, women, migrants, and the elderly, and different types of occupational groups, such as health professionals, as well as policy makers, other NGOs and decision makers. As a coordinator or a partner Prolepsis Institute has participated in approximately 55 EU co-funded and numerous national projects implementing research, applied and educational initiatives, aiming at health promotion and education of the public, policy change and tackling health inequalities. The Institute encourages interdisciplinary and international co-operation, creating networks of collaboration not only in Greece but also in Member-States of the European Union, Eastern European Countries and the USA.


Center for Social Innovation (CSI) is a Research and Development organization which focuses on fostering social innovation that can bring about a positive change to local, national, regional and global contexts. CSI is working closely to address market, social, economic and cultural challenges with governments, local administrative agencies, non for profit agencies, commercial entities, and educational institutions. CSI team is composed of open-minded, fully equipped researchers, educators, VET Trainers, social entrepreneurs, project managers, trainers and Information Technology Developers. CSI encompasses the capability and capacity to identify social needs, design and implement adjusted initiatives and project and provide for sustainable growth. The areas of expertise are in the fields of Vocational Education and Training, labour market, rural sustainable development, education and e-learning, social entrepreneurship, project management, project evaluation services, product validation, and training.


The ISEKI-Food Association is an independent non-profit organisation in the food sector. The association’s activities are mainly focused on education and training. ISEKI-Food is developing and carrying out activities connected to food such as: working towards the quality assurance of food studies; tuning and accrediting curricula and certifying training activities on an international level; developing teaching materials and teaching methods; promoting synergies between research, education/teaching, industry and authorities; development of a community of experts in the field of food with communication to the general public; establishment of a framework of agreements among partners, fostering the mobility of students and staff, stimulating the development of further related projects, cooperation in the implementation of quality criteria in the food chain.


Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Center is an education training offering high-quality work-based training and practices to help you get on in your chosen career in food industry and trade. The key focus is to arm our students with the skills they need to get the jobs that they want. The courses we provide in food industry and trade training center are designed to be relevant and are delivered to high standards. Our teachers are professional and experienced in their fields.


Italian Cuisine, International Academy of Italian Cuisine in Lucca has many years in gastronomic training, with an established staff made up of professionals in the sector coordinated by the chef and director of the School, Gianluca Pardini. Over the years, Italian Cuisine, now in the heart of the historical city center of Lucca, has opened its doors to aspiring cooks of many nationalities. It has now become a point of reference for the training of students from all the regions of Italy and all parts of the world. Gianluca Pardini, Director and Executive Chef of the School.