Topic 2 Indicative list of products containing trans-fats

Dietary fat should be present in the diet because fat gives a feeling of satiety and provides fat-soluble vitamins. It is important that fat in food is not just a TFA, but enriches the food.  Usually fats come from meat, milk, fish, cereals, even without the addition of oil. These products contain fat naturally. In the diet, fat should come from unsaturated fatty acids, with less saturated fatty acids, and trans fats should be avoided, which come from fried, roasted, cracked foods, refined and partially hydrogenated fats.

The following foods may be produced with PHO and should be avoided, due to their ability to raise cholesterol and the increased risk of heart disease (Verywell Health, 2021):

  • fast foods — including tater tots, and French fries
  • some spreads — such as margarine spreads or peanut butter
  • some snack foods — such as chips, crackers, and cookies
  • fried foods — including fried chicken, onion rings, and nuggets
  • nondairy creamer
  • pre-prepared cake frostings
  • vegetable shortening
  • commercially pre-prepared products, such as pie crusts, pizza dough, and cookie dough
  • some pastries, donuts, and pies.

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