Topic 3 How to Help a Person Having an Allergic Reaction

What to do if someone has anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency. It can be very serious if not treated quickly. If someone has symptoms of anaphylaxis:

  1. Use an adrenaline auto-injector if the person has one – patients with an anaphylactic reaction to foods, (but also to insect stings or other substances) should carry a prefilled, self-injecting epinephrine syringe and oral antihistamines for prompt self-treatment after exposure. If a severe reaction occurs, patients should be advised to use these treatments as quickly as possible and then go to a hospital emergency room.
  2. Call the National Emergency Number mentioning that you or another person close to you has anaphylaxis related to food allergies.
  3. Lie the person down and raise their legs – unless they are having breathing difficulties and need to sit up to help them breathe. If they are pregnant, lie them down on their left side.
  4. Give another injection after 5 minutes if the symptoms do not improve and a second auto-injector is available .
  5. At the Hospital, the person affected by anaphylaxis will be monitored and treated.

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