Topic 4 Dairy products

  • Dairy is high in protein
  • Nutrients like potassium, calcium, and vitamins B2, B3, B12, A, and D.
    • Build healthy bones/blood, maintain energy, boost immunity
  • Many people only think of milk in the dairy category
    • Also includes cheeses and yogurts
    • However, dairy category does not include foods that have high fat, low calcium content like butter, cream cheese, and sour cream

A healthy diet integrates 2-3 portions of dairy every day.

How to Pick and Differentiate Dairy

  • By fat level!
    • Dairy products are often either “low-fat” or “whole-fat.”
    • Recent studies show that low-fat and whole-fat milk have same health effects
    • However, high-fat cheese increases risk of cardiovascular disease
      • Pick low fat cheese!
      • Low fat cheeses include cottage cheese, feta, ricotta
  • For those with lactose intolerance, harder cheeses such as swiss, cheddar, etc. tend to have lesser lactose contents than creamy, softer cheeses like cottage or cream cheese