Topic 4 Food Labelling

The No 1169/2011 Regulation’s Guidance document (EC, 2012) explains that food labelling is very important, even though it is not always possible for foods to contain the exact amount of nutrients on the label. All EU Member States must comply with the Regulation, and report to the Commission annually, after implementing and maintaining a regular control system to achieve the below objectives (ibid.):

  1. “Identify risks associated with animals, feed or food, feed or food businesses, the use of feed or food or any process, material, substance, activity or operation that may influence feed or food safety, animal health or animal welfare
  2. Feed or food business operators’ past record as regards compliance with feed or food law or with animal health and animal welfare rules
  3. The reliability of any own checks that have already been carried out
  4. Any information that might indicate non-compliance” (ibid.)

These controls should be implemented not only nationally, but also to both imported and exported items (ibid.).

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